Wholesale Headphones In Bulk LED Light Up Cute Cat Ear Gaming Headset BT5.0 Waterproof Foldable Headset for Kids


Product No.:P47M
Specifications: P47M Cat ear folding headphones
Product color: black/yellow/pink/white/green/blue
Usage mode: Bluetooth mode/card mode/Wired mode
Battery life:The playback time is 8 hours and the standby time is 148 hours,Battery capacity 400mAh
Bluetooth connection range: within 10m, beyond 10m will automatically disconnect the Bluetooth connection
Are you ready to take your music experience to the next level? Look no further than the P47M Cat Ear Folding Headphones. These headphones combine eye-catching design, versatile usage modes, and exceptional sound quality, making them the perfect choice for music enthusiasts.
The P47M headphones boast a unique cat ear folding design that not only adds a touch of playfulness but also provides practicality. Easily fold them for compact storage and take them with you wherever you go. Available in black, yellow, pink, white, green, and blue, you can choose the color that matches your style and personality.
With multiple usage modes, the P47M headphones offer flexibility to suit your preferences. Enjoy wireless freedom with Bluetooth mode, connect to your device with ease, and experience uninterrupted music without the hassle of cords. Switch to card mode and insert your TF/Micro SD card filled with your favorite tracks for offline listening. And when you want to conserve battery or connect to devices without Bluetooth capability, simply switch to the wired mode and stay connected.
Equipped with a high-capacity 400mAh battery, the P47M headphones provide an impressive playback time of 8 hours, ensuring you can enjoy your music for extended periods without interruption. The standby time of 148 hours ensures that your headphones are always ready to go whenever you are.
Thanks to the Bluetooth connection range of up to 10 meters, you can stay connected to your device even if you’re not right next to it. However, rest assured that if you happen to venture beyond 10 meters, the headphones will automatically disconnect the Bluetooth connection, conserving battery life and ensuring a seamless audio experience when you return within range.


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Additional information



Product No.



P47M Cat ear folding headphones



Usage mode

Bluetooth mode/card mode/Wired mode

Lead time

Sample: 3-5 days. Mass Products: 7-30 days.


Express delivery/Air Transportation/Sea transportation/Railway transportation


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