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Need fancy wholesale bluetooth headphone, in-ear TWS earbuds, over-ear earphones,Wired gaming headsets and ANC headphones? Since 2009, Dazun is committed to customizing your ideas and increase your profits. In every way we are ready to assist your achievement in Audio Devices.

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Professional Wholesale Bluetooth Headphone & Gaming Headsets Supplier

As a premier manufacturer of Bluetooth Headphone and a wholesale supplier of wired gaming headsets, our company boasts over 15 years of expertise in crafting exceptional audio products, including ANC headphones. Over the past 10 years, we have successfully created various custom brands and ideas with exclusive headset models, which has allowed us to gain a deep understanding of our potential customers.

As a wholesale bluetooth headphone factory and wired gaming headsets supplier, we offer OEM and ODM services. We can quickly produce real samples within 7days with your unique logo on the earbuds. We offer different printing methods to suit your preferences, such as laser engraving, pad printing, screen printing, offset printing, or UV printing. We have dedicated molding workshops and assembly plants that allow us to maintain impeccable control over molding accuracy and process. Whether you are a wholesaler or a branded retailer, we are the ideal choice for your earbuds and headphones factory. We are committed to helping you grow your business quickly with high quality products and excellent service.

If you are considering custom bluetooth headphone and gaming headsets, please don’t hesitate to contact us. As a leading supplier of headsets to the audio industry, it is our mission to provide high quality customer service. We appreciate the opportunity to work with your company and contribute to your success.

TWS Earbuds

If you’re interested in sourcing cost effective earbuds from a trusted manufacturer of true wireless stereo(TWS) in China. Dazun would be a good choice.Our TWS earbuds have built a reputation for superior quality and exceptional durability. In addition, with our wide range of cutting-edge equipment, we are the first choice for all consumers looking for TWS noise cancelling earbuds. Dazun, as the foremost wholesale supplier of top quality mini TWS Earbuds, has a unique catalog that greatly simplifies the bulk process of sourcing TWS Earbuds.

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In-ear tws earbuds


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 Bone Conduction Headphones and Neckband Headphones

Bone conduction technology uses the bone as a conducting current to deliver sound through the cheekbones directly to the inner ear through vibration, allowing you to enjoy a premium audio experience.

Bone conduction is a form of sound conduction that converts sound into mechanical vibrations of different frequencies and transmits sound waves through a person’s skull, bone maze, inner ear lymph, spiral organs and auditory centers. Headphones made with these bone conduction techniques are called bone conduction headphones.

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Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

For your own custom Bluetooth headphone design, Dazun engineers will help you through design from start to final production, and validate your custom gaming headphone design through our professional testing, ensuring that your initial design optimizes the manufacturing process to keep overall costs low. Send us your project requirements and our experts will provide cost-effective solutions for custom bluetooth headphone design.

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Wired Gaming Headset

Dazunspeaker is a company specializing in the production of high quality wired gaming headsets. We offer a variety of gaming headsets to suit different needs and preferences, from budget-friendly options to premium models with advanced features. Overall, Dazunspeaker is a reputable brand that offers high quality wired gaming headsets at a competitive price. If you’re looking for a reliable and comfortable gaming headset, the Dazunspeaker is definitely worth considering.

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ANC/ENC Bluetooth Headphones

We can provide a variety of audio ANC and ENC solutions according to the needs of our customers, such as customized solutions for different fields such as travel, office, entertainment and so on. We are committed to providing customers with high quality ANC Bluetooth earbuds products and services, and are at the forefront of the ANC technology field to meet the changing needs of customers.

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