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Product No.:MW-195B
Funtion:with Bluetooth/USB/TF/FM /AUX IN/Karaoke/TWS/Color changing lights
Output power:15W+3W
Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
Speaker size: 5.25”+1.5” 4Ω
Bluetooth Version: V5.0 stereo
Signal and noise ratio:>=80db
Are you ready to elevate your audio experience? Look no further than the MW-195B Bluetooth Speaker, the perfect choice for music enthusiasts and retailers alike. As a trusted Bluetooth Speaker wholesale distributor, we bring you the best-in-class features and unbeatable prices.
With Bluetooth, USB, TF, FM, AUX IN, Karaoke, TWS, and color-changing lights, the MW-199B offers a comprehensive range of functions. Seamlessly connect your devices wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0, and enjoy high-quality stereo sound that fills the room. No more hassle with wires, just pure wireless freedom.
The MW-195B goes beyond wireless connectivity. It features USB and TF card slots, allowing you to play music directly from your external storage devices. Whether it’s your favorite playlists or audio files, you can easily access and enjoy them on the go.
Stay tuned to your preferred radio stations with the built-in FM radio feature. Catch up on the latest news, discover new music, or enjoy your favorite shows at any time. The MW-195B ensures you never miss a beat.
Experience versatile audio options with the AUX IN and Karaoke functions. Connect your PC, TV, or other audio devices via the AUX IN port, and enjoy powerful sound with enhanced clarity. With Karaoke capabilities, you can transform any gathering into a fun-filled singing session.
The MW-199B doesn’t just impress with its functionality; it also creates a visually stunning atmosphere. The color-changing lights add a touch of excitement and create a captivating ambiance, turning any space into a party zone.
Featuring an output power of 15W+3W and a 5.25”+1.5” 4Ω speaker size, the MW-195B delivers a powerful and immersive audio experience. Whether you’re listening to music, watching movies, or hosting events, the crystal-clear sound quality will impress both you and your customers.
Constructed with durable plastic, this speaker is built to last. Its portable design and built-in 1500mAh battery ensure that you can take the MW-199B wherever you go, without worrying about power outlets. Enjoy music on the move and create unforgettable moments.
Experience audio excellence with the MW-199B Bluetooth Speaker wholesale distributor. Upgrade your inventory with this feature-packed speaker and delight your customers with unbeatable sound quality and versatility.




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